The pen-pal correspondence continues!

This time the students exchanged cultural packages.
In this picture students from XB model the bracelets they received from the class in Wellsville, NY.
The students from XB sent some Bulgarian martenitsi, rose oil and a calendar with sights from Vratsa.

A pen-pal letter exchange


Students from 10v have been participating since November 2015 in the ‘A pen-pal letter exchange’ project  in which they correspond with students from 11th class in New York through the long forgotten, a handwritten letter on a piece of paper. With the help of Montana Rogers – teaching assistant from Fulbright program and Albena Tomova, an English teacher, students describe various aspects from their national culture and everyday occupations.
This helps students to improve their language skills, as well as, get to know their peers on the other side of the world.